Professional Services

ImageWe are committed to adding value to your businness.


We provide cost effective, efficient and high quality audit services to our clients. We serve for various kinds of businesses, as well as special business, for example, securities brokers, commodities dealers and solicitors.

  • Annual statutory audit 
  • Internal audit
  • Special audit and review
  • Compliance review
  • Pension fund audit

On completion of our audit, a post-audit meeting will be arranged with our clients so that a duel-way communication can be maintained. Recommendations for improvement will be given for internal controls and advising clients on those areas which may affect tax efficiency.

Bookkeeping and Accountancy

  • Computerized bookkeeping
  • Technical support to clients'accounts staff
  • Financial reporting
  • Budget preparation
  • MPF and payroll administration
  • System Study and Improvement


  • Profits Tax, Salaries Tax and Property Tax compliance
  • Tax planning and advisory
  • Acting on behalf of clients in objecting tax assessments and handling tax disputes
  • Applying holdover of payment of provisional tax

Tax Audit and Investigation

  • Meeting with clients explaining the relevant laws and procedures
  • Acting on behalf of clients in handling tax disputes
  • Reviewing accounting documents, tax returns and tax correspondence
  • Replying to any queries from Inland Revenue Department ("IRD")
  • Accompanying clients to attend any meeting with the IRD’s officers
  • Negotiating with IRD for a reasonable basis of settlement of any taxes and penalty
  • Reviewing and advising on any improvement of accounting system
  • Tax planning and advisory

Corporate Secretarial

  • Incorporation of companies in Hong Kong and overseas
  • Acting as company secretary
  • Maintaining statutory records
  • Providing compliance services
  • Attending any meetings of directors or shareholders
  • Preparation of minutes
  • Providing registered office
  • Acting as nominee shareholders and directors
  • Deregistration or Liquidation

Financial Personnel Recruitment

  • Professional advice on qualifications and working experiences
  • Drafting and arranging posting of advertisement
  • Reviewing of candidates' application letters and CV
  • Selecting of suitable candidates for in-depth interview